Plays that Explore School Bullying

Monday, October 7, 2019


Theatre explores school bullying. 

These shows take on the issue of bullying in three unique ways.  Which way would your students relate to? 


Just Released!

Cast:  7 - 10 m, 6 - 9 w

Sally Butts for President

Mercilessly teased thanks to an awkward last name, Sally Butts plots revenge on her chief tormentors, the popular Jack and Mikayla Slade. Sally and her friends – who have unfortunate last names themselves – launch Sally’s campaign for school president against Jack. To beat him, they’ll have to overcome dirty tricks, cruel graffiti, bad puns, parents who quote poetry, and an excessive amount of glitter. Can a girl named Butts really become president?  Running time: 55 minutes. Read more.

Photo Credit: Theatre Project, Brunswick, Maine.


By Jonathan Turner Smith

Cast: 8 m, 6 w

The Losers' Club

A group of outcast high school students in a small Texas town have formed “The Losers’ Club.” On homecoming evening, these 12 students kidnap the star football player, Joe Taylor, and homecoming queen nominee, Tawny Harris, who have ignored, bullied, and ridiculed members of the club for years. Lead by Trenton, a 17-year-old Goth, the club members put the condescending Joe and Tawny on trial for “crimes committed against their fellow students.” Each member of the “jury” details how he or she has been harassed by Joe, Tawny, and their friends, and how their lives have been affected by the abuse. What is revealed in the testimonies and the result of the trial is a surprise to all. An excellent play to serve as a catalyst for realistic discussions about bullying in schools across America.  Read more.

"The kids love it!  For the first time in my 15 years of teaching drama, kids spontaneously erupted into applause at the conclusion of the first read.  The script really spoke to them. Our production was hugely successful.  Students, parents, and teachers were wowed by it.  The discussions it spurred were priceless.  I can not recommend this piece highly enough.  Do it, you will not be sorry."

-- John Burroughs Middle School, Los Angeles, CA


By Bradley Hayward

Cast: Entirely gender flexible cast of 6 to 21

Attention Detention

Four honor roll students have been summoned to detention. To avoid punishment, they each come up with a preposterous excuse for their tardiness, and their wacky tales are acted out by an ensemble of performers. As one wild lie piles on top of the next, the principal gets further away from the truth. Will he be able to figure out that these creative overachievers are coming together to avoid being bullied? He'll have to think fast for he’s up against a swift and desperate bunch of kids, each with a knack for making the most ridiculous stories sound entirely possible!  Read more.

"The kids had a blast portraying these exaggerations of real-life scenarios, such as bullying, the awkwardness of `the talk,' or making up excuses for being late to class. Each student was able to give each character its own personality, because everyone was able to relate to at least one character's situation. The audience laughed, gasped, felt sympathy, and applauded."

--  K.P., Director, Lemoore (CA) H.S.