Photos Tips for Plays

Monday, April 1, 2019


Put your production in the spotlight!


Put your production in the spotlight!

Submit your photos and, if selected, you can earn a $25 gift certificate and see pictures of your production on Eldridge’s website and/or print catalog!  Any photo selected for our catalog cover earns a $100 gift certificate! 

 Here are some photo tips: 

  1. Take photos at dress rehearsals where you’ll have more time and freedom to arrange your shots. This will also eliminate the possibility of getting the heads of audience members in the frames.
  2.  Ask the actors to actually rehearse a favorite scene.  This will animate their faces and body expressions.
  3. Get in close.  We need to see the actors’ expressions. Also, stage the photos so that actors are close together.  A photo with wide empty spaces is boring.  Fill your frame and be aware of distracting scenery behind the actors.
  4. Make sure your lighting is adequate.

Submit photos, including the show title and your contact information, to  Please limit your submission to 3 photos per email.  You may send up to 4 separate emails or send a link to all your photos.

We look forward to seeing your photos!


Let's give a round of applause to... 

Thespian Troupe 1154 from Springfield Township High School from Erdenheim, PA!  They will be performing at the National Thespian Festival in Nebraska this June. Congrats!


By  Stephen Murray

Flexible cast from 12 - 60

'Round the World and Back Again

This happenin' history lesson presents a fresh perspective as to who, what, where, when and how this crazy planet and its people came to be. From dinosaur extinction to space exploration, they're all rediscovered in this clever, chaotic, comical cataclysm of creativity. Doing their best to contribute to the world's development are the solar system (each planet has his or her own personality); the dinosaurs (the herbivores are higher class than the lowly carnivores); the first humans (totally clueless!) and the daring, early explorers including Columbus with his first Earth-o-rama (a globe!). Even war among the plaids, the stripes and the polka dots has a place in this crazy, hour-long play. Read more. 


More Ways to Promote Your Show


It pays to advertise your production. Striking 11x17 inch posters feature the cover art from your play script. These posters are perfect in your school or theatre to announce tryouts, rehearsals, and production dates. Use them around town to give ticket information and performance times.  A real must for your publicity crew. 

Also check out our flyers, t-shirts, and graphic CD! 

(Ordering details on each play's web page.)