Pecos Bill's Wild West Show

Book By: Lane Riosley
Play #: 1850
Pages: 34 pgs
Cast: 3 m, 2 w, 1 puppet.

Y’all know of Pecos Bill, the first Texas cowboy! He was raised by coyotes, made the first lasso out of a rattlesnake, broke a cyclone down to a gentle breeze, tamed the longhorn cattle and almost married Slewfoot Sue, who caught his attention by riding a giant catfish. Unfortunately, this Pecos Bill is a little confused. Ya see, the setting is in the present at a performance of “Pecos Bill's Wild West Show,” patterned after the Wild West shows of the late 19th century. But Bill and the other performers still live in the past. They believe everyone comes to the show on a horse, and are bewildered when there are no horses out back to fill in the show when needed. Here’s a whopping good time for all with non-stop action and wonderful characters.

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SPALDING ACADEMY 3 Performance(s)
SPALDING, NE 11/2/2023
LAKE OSWEGO SCHOOLS 3 Performance(s)
LAKE OSWEGO, OR 4/27/2023
DENVER , CO 10/31/2017
RIVERSIDE, CA 12/15/2011

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