Patricia Williams

Tricia Williams is a jack-of-all-trades. Her life journey has including everything from flying planes for the Navy to appearing in feature films. Most of her writing is based on life experience as well as a little help from her nifty degree from University of Houston. Besides getting a play published, her life aspirations now include learning how to surf and racing in the Iditarod. Currently she teaches high school drama in Keystone Heights, Florida while raising her three children with her husband and she owns a Husky.
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  Football Cheer

Drama by Patricia Williams

19 pages

4 m, 4 w

Here is a slice of life peek into the locker room of both the players and the cheerleaders on game day at a typical high school. From Phil, the gladiator on a mission, to little Helena who just wants a hamburger, each team member plays an important piece of the mosaic. With both comic hijinks to serious moments, this dramedy delves into the heart of the athletes that make up the sport, their motivations, desires and the camaraderie that makes them a team on and off the field. These are not caricatures of football players and cheerleaders, but real kids dealin...