One-Acts for Drama Students

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Three One-Acts for Theatre Students


Check out these three new one-act plays for theatre students.  They were written by playwright and theatre teacher Brent Holland.  All offer flexible casting, easy sets, and fun roles making them perfect for students and directors. 


Cast:  6 Actors

An Experiment

Portrayed in a fantasy world, five confused participants wake up with no memory of their past life … with only one word, a personality descriptor (such as compassionate, courageous or orderly) written in type on their shirts.  The doctor explains that each is here willingly, and that they are all being compensated for their participation in a research study. Will the assigned attribute of each participant affect their behavior when under extreme duress? Once the experiment begins and they find out that to lose is to die, all five do what they must to survive the experiment.  The Hunger Games meets Survivor in this experiment. This show requires very little set, few costumes, and is entirely gender flexible.  It is perfect for one-act competitions. About 25 - 30 minutes. Read more.


Cast: 3 m, 6 w, 7-8 flexible, extras

In the Game

For as long as they can remember, Alex and his friends Matt, Chad, and Chelsea have spent Friday nights fighting the undead, casting spells, and rescuing fair maidens with the roll of the dice, a little luck, and a lot of imagination.  This week they have invited a new player, Eddie, to join them. Because it’s his first time playing, he has a lot of questions through which audience members with no gaming experience can understand the action and enjoy the imagined scene that is actually a part of a fantasy role-playing game.  Will the dice be kind, or will the teens find their own graves at the end of this quest?  Read more.


Cast: 1 w, 12 flexible

The Hearing

A famous doctor, who is destined to make a world-changing discovery, has been killed in a car accident and two angelic members of the “Representatives of Order” have 48 hours to assemble a group of possible candidates to reverse time and save the doctor’s life. The price? Three of the candidates must be willing to serve as a substitute, trading their lives for his.  What would you do for the greater good? The eight people must quickly decide during a hearing where the “Forces of Chaos” are working against them, and all are adjudicated by the ominous “Judgement.” In the end we see that no decision is as simple as it seems. About 30 minutes. Read more.


Brent Holland

I have been teaching theatre at Laney High School in Wilmington, North Carolina since 2011, having spent the previous 8 years teaching physical education.  (Weird combo, right?)  When not at work I go out adventuring with my wife Aubrey and our son Rhett who are my absolute favoritest people to be around.  I’m a 6th degree black belt in Isshin-Ryu Karate, and along with my older brother Byron, I own and operate a commercial dojo here in Wilmington. I have really grown to love writing for my kids and now getting to share it with a much larger audience!


"I like telling stories and I love fantasy-based plays."