New High School Play about Diversity

Monday, July 29, 2019


This new play promotes the acceptance of diversity.



New Play

By Deborah Ann Percy and Arnold Johnston

Cast: 6 m, 5 w

It's About Us!

A group of high school drama students known as the Rainbow Project is tasked with developing a show to promote the acceptance of diversity. Throughout their rehearsals, important issues like grades, jobs, family commitments, and prejudices are all explored. But art mirrors life a little too closely, and rising tensions threaten the production. In the end, they realize that with all human enterprises, “it’s about us.” This insight allows the show to go on.

This drama speaks to its target audience of adolescents and young adults in their own language, with humor, irony, directness, and without posturing or preaching. The story, characters, and dialogue also appeal to adult audiences, featuring an intriguing play-within-a-play structure that underscores the relationship between onstage action and real life. About an hour. Read more.


Do you go nuts trying to find scene study material for your students?  This resource is a necessary addition to any theatre teacher’s bookshelf. 


Resource Book

by Alexis Kozak

The Greatest of All Time

A Scene Book for High School Actors

This collection of twenty-five award-winning four-minute scenes is based on overheard classroom conversations.  In “Regarding Jane” one male student has a plan for meeting girls -- it’s in the pages of a Jane Austen book, and in “Allegiance” two students debate the real words to the Pledge of Allegiance.  Read more.