Neal Barth

Neal Barth has been a major force in high school theatre in Utah since he began teaching in the 1970s. Working with Jerry Elison at Orem High School the drama program reached such a height that their little theatre was named “Neal and Jerry’s Little Theatre.” In addition to creating one-acts for his high school teams' competitions, and placing in the top spot on numerous occasions with numerous plays, he directs and acts in the professional and community venues. He has played Sancho Panza opposite Robert Peterson’s Don Quixote for the Osmond Family Theatre and has played Tevye in “Fiddler On the Roof” all over the state of Utah. Neal has now retired and lives in Salt Lake City.

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  In the Park

Comedy by Neal Barth

21 pages

3 m, 3 w, 3 flexible

What fun jogging can be! Think of all the people you can meet! Here's a spoof on America's biggest health habit. Jill and Nathan have stopped jogging for a moment for him to gasp for breath. Soon Jill is off again with a spring in her step while Nathan tries to recoup on the park bench. Before long Ralph appears, who, in between his panting and wheezing from running, is vicariously plotting the demise of his physician who ordered him to start exercising. Edna, sobbing and exhausted from her half block run, makes her appearance, and soon other runners, happy a...

  The Elevator Stories

Contest Play by Neal Barth

29 pages

4 m, 3 w and 1 m, 2 w

Here are two short, comic plays that have won high school state festivals and competitions: THIEF BETWEEN THE FLOORS (4 m, 3 w) What would you do after the elevator stopped, the door locked, and someone said "Hands up!"? A thief robs everyone in the elevator, but they talk him out of keeping their money and valuables. They then use the same possessions to bribe the thief into saying they were the heroes. About 15 minutes. THREE IN AN ELEVATOR (1 m, 2 w) A man and his wife are stuck in an elevator with the man's first wife. The problem is that he never told hi...

  Stolen Sword

Classic by Neal Barth

29 pages

4 m, 3 w, 2 flexible

Here is a classic children's tale told with Japanese Kabuki theatre techniques. Gosho-no-Goodo, an evil Samurai, has stolen the sword of Subi-Sumo, the good Samurai. Subi would not care that much because he'd rather paint than do battle, but unfortunately, he must retrieve his sword at all costs. To a member of the Samurai, a stolen sword is a disgrace. If he doesn't recover it, Subi cannot marry his love, a princess named Kyo-no-Imi. As Subi and his two servants go on a quest for the sword, they meet a witch posing as an old woman. They help her and she thanks Subi with a potion which s...