Thursday, December 17, 2020



Greece Is the Word: The Zeusical!

Book, Music, and Lyrics Stephen Murray

Cast: 4 - 5 m, 11 - 14 w, 3 flexible, + extras

Welcome to the Mount Olympus Diner where Zeus is the chef and Hera is your waitress. The food is great, but what the customers really love about the diner are the stories told there, the stories of Greek mythology. Diner Network star, Sparky Guy, arrives to do research on the restaurant and is treated to a variety of tales. This musical features contemporary and family-friendly retellings of the myths in the scenes Hades and PersephoneEcho and Narcissus, and Arachne and Athena. A Greek Chorus of diner staff takes on multiple roles and keeps the action moving in each story. You’ll meet delivery Amazons, a track star named Nike, and a singing three-headed dog Cerberus. Add a catchy score and flexible casting options, and you’ve got a show that’s sure to be a hit with your audience and actors. Performance time is about 90 minutes.


Irving Berlin & Co.

Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin

Written and Arranged by Chip Deffaa 

Cast: 12 to 24+ actors: 14 m, 9 w, doubling possible

Inspired by actual events, legendary songwriter Irving Berlin shares his life story with two teens. It's a rags-to-riches tale--terrific for schools, colleges, community theaters, and more--about a poor immigrant kid rising to become the most successful songwriter in the world. Along the way, we get to hear such timeless Berlin songs as "I Love a Piano," "All by Myself," "Play a Simple Melody," "Ragtime Violin," and "Alexander's Ragtime Band." The songs are pure Americana--great for singing and dancing.