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Book, Music, and Lyrics by Stephen Murray

Help! I’m Trapped in a Musical!

This show is full of fun surprises and is a delight for fans of Broadway musicals as well as for those new to the genre.  

There’s something strange going on at Sondheim High School. New transfer student, Norma LaBelle, is having trouble getting accustomed to the school’s unusual traditions. At any given moment, students and teachers burst into song for no apparent reason.  Each time they sing, it sounds almost like a famous Broadway musical. The math teacher sings a lesson on the Pythagorean theorem. The history teacher delivers a rap-filled class on Alexander Graham Bell. Mrs. Lovett, the Lunch Lady, delivers a menu filled with Broadway-themed meals. The students sing a celebration of Mondays and even the ‘bad’ kids perform the “Detention Tango.”  Principal Lloyd Webber is hiding a secret and enforces strict rules to keep the truth hidden from the students. 


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Elliott B. Baker

That's Princess ... With A Pea!

Prince Fred wants more than anything to find the princess of his dreams. His mother, the queen, wants to stay young – in other words, no marriage and no grandchildren! And that means no partying or dancing. To preserve the appearance that the queen wants Fred to marry, the kingdom has advertised far and wide for a suitable princess. Unfortunately, the outlook is bleak until the Jester finds an incognito princess. Tired of being deluged with unsuitable suitors proposed by her military-like father, Princess Philamena has escaped and taken employment in Fred’s palace as a chambermaid. Will Fred and Phil fall in love? Will the queen accept this chambermaid as a true princess? Will the three stooges stop having to guard the king? Wait, there are three stooges in here? It all comes down to a small pea, and a determined princess.

Suitable for everyone with such hummable songs as “Waiting,” “The Princess Tango,” “Someone Special,” and “Magic Mirror Blues.” There’s also dancing - even a tango! It’ll bring ‘em out of their seats. 


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Steve Flowers

A Meteor, Right?

This one-act musical comedy has a flexible cast of 25+ speaking roles, with room to expand for more actors as needed.

The townspeople of Flemmington get rocked back on their heels when meteors come crashing down from space. Amidst all of the excitement and chaos, three teenage girls find the meteorites and discover the special powers that come along with them. The girls use these space rocks to their advantage to control the townspeople, including the Gaggle of Geeks, the phone-obsessed tweens, and the old lady who thinks everything is evil. The story culminates with the meteorites being used against each other during an epic battle to determine which one is the most powerful. There are 10 original songs, including large group numbers like "Welcome to Flemmington,"  "A Meteor, Right?" and "Puppet Master" as well as solo and small group songs such as "I Love My Phone," "Destiny" and "The Game of Love." 


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Catherine McDonald

Music by Adam Morris


A Little Princess

Adapted from the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett and set to all original music, this show is ideal for schools, community theatres and youth groups. 

Set in a boarding school in Victorian London, young Sara Crewe loses all her money and place in society when her father dies. Forced by the merciless headmistress to work in slave-like conditions in the school she once attended, Sara dreams of a better life.  The songs have been written for a variety of characters to allow for a large number of soloists, as well as any number of cast in the wider chorus. “In My Heart” is a loving duet: Sara Crewe and her father say a fond farewell as Sara begins her life at boarding school. Little do they know they will not see one another again. “The Money From the Diamond Mines” is a comedic, showstopper solo. Miss Minchin, the headmistress, dreams of all the ways that she will spend Captain Crewe’s money, once Sara becomes a permanent boarder at her school. All her dreams are about to come true... or so she thinks. In “We Begin Anew,” Sara steps in privately after the school bully is mean to Becky, a young serving girl. During this up-tempo duet Sara and Becky become friends over tea and cake in a gesture of kindness from Sara. 


A play with music   by Patti Veconi

Gretel Was a Princess

This show is intended for upper-elementary and junior high student performers, and borrows from British pantomime conventions including music, the use of a narrator, frequent interaction with the audience, and creative interpretations of familiar characters.

The drama club members assemble to perform “The Complete Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales,” but realize there isn’t enough time to do the whole collection and still eat the cookies waiting in the lobby for after the show. The actors condense the tome down to their favorite parts, mixing, matching and mashing up characters, while a clever casting director challenges stereotypes to meet the demand for princess roles among the girls in the company. With the help of a group of musician-dwarfs to play and punctuate the story, the characters head out on a quest to find the king’s missing son, the Frog Prince, and win the reward of their dreams. When the delivery of a kiss transforms the frog back to his true, princely self, everyone is surprised except Gretel, who always knew she was a princess. About 35 minutes.  

Note:  Suggested songs are provided with the script and this play lends itself nicely to a school music program that includes recorders and/or Orff instruments. Various sound effects can be employed with hand percussion instruments such as chimes, vibraslaps, ratchets, rasps, bells, drums and more to lend interest and comedic emphasis throughout. 


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