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With nearly 100 musicals we are sure to have what you are looking for. Need some help narrowing it down?  Just give our editors a call and we can provide tailored recommendations for your theatre group.  

Hollywood Hillbillies

Book by Tim Kelly.  Music and lyrics by Scott Keys.

Cast: 14 w, 7 m, extras

Gram Hawley and granddaughter Cindy Lou run the general store and post office in Happy Hollow somewhere deep in the Ozarks. Although Cousin Bubba and Clem are pretty eccentric, not much happens in Happy Hollow, until some big city folks descend makin' for a real "Hollywood Hoedown." Among the visitors are distant relations, Josephine and Charlotte from Hollywood who are terrible snobs; a big-time movie producer who is going to make a flick about "Life in the Hills"; and a pair of crooks who discover that "Granny's Got Gas" (under her property, that is, and it's worth a fortune!). On top of it all, Cousin Bubba soon takes quite a shine to one of Charlotte's snooty sorority sisters ("Boyfriend from the Mountains"). And with the new highway comin' through, the little town is gonna be blown off the map ("Poor Happy Hollow")! This culture-clashin, kick-yer-shoes-off musical will be a sure hit with songs that'll make you want to stomp your feet. Y'all come!


Great show for middle and high schools!

Short video clip of Pom Pom Zombies

Pom-Pom Zombies

Book, Music and Lyrics by​ Stephen Murray.

 7 m, 17 w, 5 flexible, extras

It's the 1960s, a big nuclear blast to the past! School's out for the summer, and the teenagers of Ocean View High are ready to surf, sun and have some fun. Their favorite hangout is Barnacle Betty's Beach Club, which happens to be right next door to the evil Ivana Ratnik's nuclear power plant. But, ooops! Cindy Sue, the head cheerleader, accidentally gets some nuclear slime on her hot dog instead of pickle relish, and soon the beach is overrun with pom-pom wielding zombies! Her all-American boyfriend, the beatniks, the nerds and the tough girl gang named the Barracudas rally their forces to save the beach from the atomic attackers. A sci-fi spoof of those beach blanket flicks of the '60s, the score explodes with hilarious hits like "School's Out," "Don't Touch the Hair," "It's Cool to Be a Nerd," "My Girlfriend's Dead (And I'm Gonna Be in Trouble)," "Voo-Doo Shoo-Be-Doo" and the dance craze, "Doin' the Zombie." The cast will have a blast and so will your audiences!


An 80-minute comedy for community theatres and churches

Service at Rocky Bluff video clip

The Service at Rocky Bluff

By  Scott Icenhower.

3 m, 3 w

Amy Westmond and her husband Floyd, along with his brother and father who comprise a country music group, return to Amy’s home church. They reminisce and catch up on the gossip with Marie, the church’s housekeeper, and Betty, the choir director, who inspired Amy earlier but now seems to have somewhat of an attitude. The Westmonds are told that a search committee will be there for the evening hymn-sing to try to lure the church’s beloved pastor away. With the unseen organist who communicates through charades, they form a plan—a fake pastor and fake service! Lloyd will do his comic preacher routine and Floyd will be his minister of education. The two “ministers” have an abundance of bad jokes, and there’s plenty of comical choreography when they all sing. The fake service seems to be working, but when Betty brings out her puppet, Bobby Socks the Bible Book Worm, there are unexpected--and heartfelt--consequences. A genuinely funny and tender play which allows you to showcase the comic and singing abilities of your actors. Songs are easily available in most hymnals and one original song available from publisher.


 Perfect for Young Audiences

Great spring show as Easter is April 21st.  Also check out the musical "First Easter Bunny"



By Mimi Bean and C. Michael Perry

8 m, 12 w, 1 flexible

A wonderful musical adapted from the classic Cinderella story with animal characters. Prince Richard--the Rabbit-Hearted and Princess Tabitha of the Blue Mountain Grove are the center of this adaptation. It seems that when the Grove burned down years ago, Tabitha's parents left her on the doorsteps of the Bugmerks, a family of toads on the edge of a swamp. Life is only bearable for her by her close friend and confidant, Mercedes, a mouse. When the night of the ball comes, the Bugmerks leave poor Cinderabbit behind. And who appears? Gracie--Cinderabbit's Jewish Fairy Pig-Mother, who sends Tabitha off to the ball.