More Actors, More Comedy!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019



We are excited to announce three new comedies.  Be the first to check them out!


By Steven Stack

Widely flexible cast of 45. (3 m, 6 w, 36 flexible)

Storytime at the End of the World

Andy would do anything for his sister. Perhaps even end the world. This post-apocalyptic dark comedy of wishes gone wrong takes the audience on a wonderfully bizarre, humorous, frightening, and surprisingly heartfelt journey.  Along the way there are British zombies, a mind-reader, a trickster who only wants a good story, hip vampires, a hero who both slays and saves, and multitudes of other oddities.

But at its heart, the play is about family, friends, and the great lengths we would go to avoid losing the ones we love. It is suitable for audiences of all ages, especially anyone who enjoys laughing out loud one moment, then having their eyes well with tears in the next.


By Christopher L. Pankratz

Cast: 8 m, 14 w

The Longest Day of April

When Max Holsten sets out for work leaving behind his briefcase and an unfinished breakfast, his quaint 1950s family is besieged by a series of misunderstandings that fester into conspiracy theories and suspicions. The extended family Max and his newlywed wife, April, have been living with are no comfort. April’s sister June has an obsession with pulp-fiction intrigue and leads April to assume the worst about Max. Making matters murkier, Grandma May, the aged and easily confused matriarch of the family, misstates all the facts. Max’s seemingly simple oversight is quickly compounded with a set of uncanny coincidences, leading to the inescapable conclusion that Max is living a double life with a secret family. A perfect storm brews with the arrival of June’s gossip-loving book club. Have they read too many mysteries, or is Max perhaps dead in a nearby subway accident?  Or is he in the mob?  What’s with the milkman locked in the coat closet?

The play is full of action and misconstrued circumstances that show what can happen when we believe the worst!  The audience will be rolling in laughter until the final gag.


By Patti Veconi

Cast: 28 depending on doubling. (7 - 16 m, 12 - 21 w, 11 flexible)

Tumbling After

Following his shenanigans up the beanstalk, Jack has built a real estate empire in Goosetown, and now his ambitious mother is determined he should solidify their fortune by developing an amusement park and condo complex. But one property owner is refusing to leave, and Jack soon finds he’s up against more than just the old woman who lives in a shoe and her many clever children. No amount of golden eggs are enough to withstand the growing forces that line up against Jack: Pressures from Old King Cole; a dodgy partnership with the not-so-Noble Duke of York; the Giant’s wife, who is pursuing that young man who stole the harp and goose from her late husband; and Mr. Bean, who is looking for a cut of the riches his magic beans made possible. And then there’s Jill, the ex-girlfriend Jack has never stopped pining for. 

Directors and educators will appreciate its many contemporary themes and most of all, the consequences of our choices.