Monique Brown

Monique L. Brown began writing plays her sophomore year in high school, one of which received an honorable mention at district thespian competition. Later she received a superior rating for another play,"Break," at state thespian competition and went on to be featured in the Ruth Eckerd Hall Florida Playwrights Process. She currently attends the University of Miami in Florida, where she is majoring in criminology in hopes of one day becoming a criminal profiler or doing social work. When home, she enjoys working at a center for the disabled. She continues to write and attend plays in her free time.

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Drama by Monique Brown

29 pages

4 m, 2 w

Kyle, William, Natalie, and Richard are not likely friends. With such different backgrounds, they never would have met outside of the subway station. But when their train becomes stalled unexpectedly, they have no choice but to turn to one another. Personalities clash and tensions rise. In the midst of crisis, with nothing but time, these four strangers reflect on their problems and insecurities, defining who they are now. Slowly, they begin to realize how much they really share. Despite initial difficulties, they bond and come out stronger on the other side ...