Marcus Yi

Marcus Yi is an award-winning theatre writer/composer/director and performer based in New York. Marcus was an inaugural member of the 92nd Street Y Musical Theater Development Lab Collective, a 2021-2022 New Victory LabWorks Artist, and a Resident Artist with the American Lyric Theater. He has been commissioned by The Kennedy Center, Queens Council on the Arts, American Lyric Theater, Atlanta Opera, Really Spicy Opera, First Stage, and New York City Children’s Theater.

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  The Frog Prince

Musical by Marcus Yi

48 pages

2 m, 3 w, 15+ flexible

Everyone agrees: Prince Harris is the world’s worst prince! (“A Prince That’s the Worst”) It’s obvious he thinks only about himself. (“Me, Myself, and I”) He finally faces a huge consequence after hunting in the off-limits Magic Wood.  Fairy Queen Mab turns him into a frog, and he needs a kiss from a princess to break the spell. But that’s not so easy with Princess Jillian, a headstrong basketball whiz. She seeks an independent life and cares deeply about the environment. (“Work It Out") Can both overcome their differences to find their own “Happily Ever Afte...