Keep your actors acting and your audiences entertained

Tuesday, June 23, 2020




Keep your actors acting and your audiences entertained.   We offer affordable shows written to be performed online.  

"Giving a small theater like ours an inexpensive piece that we could produce during the shutdown was so great of you. It was so nice to be able to create theatre again after 8 long weeks. The cast had a wonderful time with it and audiences loved it. We had nothing but positive comments and thanks for 'much needed laughs.' We did the show as free and asked for donations, and we raised nearly $1000." 

- Bell Tower Theater, Dubuque, IA 


The Virtual Diaries of Adam & Eve

By Kevin P. Kern and Dan W. Davis. Adapted from Mark Twain’s short stories.

This is a humorous first-person account of the first man and wife told in the style of video diaries.



Lacey, a teenage girl, has finished work at the mall and is waiting – and waiting – for her boyfriend to pick her up. Left stranded yet again, she reevaluates her love life while shuffling through the songs on her phone. Actors portraying each of the songs appear with comedic monologues that stir her emotions, offer advice, and affect her decisions. Ethan, a good-humored co-worker, offers her a ride home and the possibility of future romance.


Stuck at Home

Join this hilarious family as they struggle to endure being stuck at home – together!

- Will the family secure two-ply rolls of toilet paper in trade negotiations with Grandma? Wait… what has each of them been using? 

- What foods (or beverages!) are critical enough to make a special run to the grocery store?

- And really, who is strong enough to endure more than one Dad joke?

Each scene has four stock characters: Dad, Mom, Son, and Daughter. Feel free to have four actors play all of the roles or expand the cast to eight, twelve, or sixteen. This show is perfect in uncertain times providing both laugh-out-loud humor as well as flexibility in staging, either performed and viewed online or traditionally staged and then viewed online. About 30 minutes.


Short Scene

Who’s There?

Willow is home alone this evening. Growing more and more anxious she connects with her friends on video chat. Each friend begins to hear bumps, bangs, and thuds. Isn’t this how all horror films begin?

This show does not mention COVID-19 thus giving teens the opportunity to have a break from the pandemic.