Kate Bauer

Kate Bauer is a high school English teacher and Director of the Caledonia High School theater program located in Michigan. Bauer first became interested in theater as a high schooler in the CHS Players - the very program she herself now directs. Bauer holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater from Valparaiso University. After graduating from college, she fell in love with working with teen actors. She continued her training at Calvin University and became licensed to teach high school English. Today Kate works to inspire her students to express themselves through literature and the performing arts.

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  Alice and the Rabbits of Wonderland New Release

Children Drama by Kate Bauer

64 pages

3 w, 30 flexible, doubling possible

This show is a celebration of the works of Lewis Carroll. All the classic characters that audiences expect are featured including the Red and White Queens, Humpty Dumpty, the Cheshire Cat, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and the talking Flowers. Additionally, the Borogoves give an added layer of poetry by Lewis Carroll from his other works. 

When Alice becomes trapped in a game of chess, five rabbits swoop in to save her. Between solving riddles and fending off the evildoers of Wonderland, it is up to our rabbit team to keep little Alice saf...