Jules Tasca

Jules Tasca has taught play writing at Oxford University in England and he has performed with a commedia dell'arte group in central Italy. He is the author of more than a hundred published plays that have been produced in numerous American theaters from the Mark Taper Forum to the Bucks County Playhouse, as well as abroad. He has also written for radio and television. He has been the national winner in New York's Performing Arts Repertory Theater Playwriting contest. Other awards include the Thespie Award for Best New Play, the Drama Critics Award in Los Angeles, the Dorothy Silver International Play Writing Award, and the prestigious Barrymore Award for Best Play. He received a grant from the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts to develop a new theatrical form, the Eurythmy, a system of movement to language, music and sound. He is a member of New York's Dramatist Guild.

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  Theatre for a Small Planet

Fantasy by Jules Tasca

55 pages

Ensemble cast of 6 to 27

The magic of theatre now weaves three tales from around the world together into more than an hour of captivating entertainment for young audiences. In a Chinese play, Little Red Maiden and her older brother learn that riches do not always bring joy. Too bad the selfish dragon learns the hard way! In a native American play, the Cinderella story is retold as Little Burnt Sand endures the cruelty of her sisters before becoming the bride of the new Micmac chief. In a delightful English fairy tale, we find that too much curiosity can be a mite unhealthy. Show the ...

  Theatre of Fable

Fairy Tale by Jules Tasca

62 pages

Flexible casting

Here are two richly imaginative one-act plays which need the barest minimum of rehearsals. All the action is mimed by actors wearing masks as readers speak the dialogue. In "The Vinegar Man" (4 m, 5 w, extras), a successful wine merchant is devastated when his young wife dies. Ignoring his infant son and the loyal nanny, he turns sour, like the wine he allows to turn into vinegar. But like Scrooge, the Vinegar Man is saved from his own bitterness. In "Finding Happiness" (12 characters, extras), simple Fantodd is sent into the forest by his unhappy father to f...