Jim Bain

Jim Bain is a playwright, published author, humorist and poet who has performed his works in Houston and Dallas, Texas. His humorous comedies were winners in the annual “Ten by Ten” competition, sponsored by Houston/Scriptwriters, two years in a row. His stage plays have been produced at Stages, Main Street Theater, and Theatre Southwest in Houston, Texas. His one-act comedy play, A.L.I.C.E. was winner of the 2005 Drury University national playwriting contest and was performed in Springfield, Missouri in 2006. Jim is the founder of the Houston "Ah-Ha Society" a social organization for writers, actors, singers, dancers and other performers and lovers of the theatre arts.

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Comedy by Jim Bain

21 pages

2 m, 4 w

Young Geoffrey, engaged to September, has just arrived at her family's home a day early, but is made to feel more than welcome when asked to join in one of their special meetings. Entitled A.L.I.C.E. for Acceptance and Love Increases Through Confessional Expression, each family member takes a turn confessing their latest error or lie. They are each armed with a small bell, which they can ring when they suspect another's confession is incomplete in any way. First Mom admits helping herself to PTO funds; September reveals she dyes her hair; then Aunt Edna expos...