Jerome Mcdonough

The late Jerome McDonough always loved theatre. He started as a ten-year-old playing Joe Crowell in his father's production of "Our Town" at Amarillo College in 1957, and "the whole problem started right there." McDonough began writing as soon as his life was touched by the work of the master, Thornton Wilder. McDonough plays began appearing in print in the early 1970s but did not really catch fire until nearly a decade later. By 1986, a McDonough script was named the most popular in the American Educational Theatre. Over the next several years, as many as four of his shows were listed among the top ten on the same list. His over forty published pieces have seen productions in all fifty states, every Canadian province, and eleven foreign countries. He was called "The Father of Young Adult Drama," and was listed in "Who's Who in the Theatre" and "Contemporary Authors." For 25 years he was a high school drama teacher.
Picture of Jerome Mcdonough