Jared Mallard

Jared Mallard is an international award-winning playwright and teacher from Bishop’s Falls, Newfoundland, Canada. He resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick with his wife Gina and two kids, Jonah and Juliana.

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  Social Pariahs New Release

Drama by Jared Mallard

46 pages

4 m, 8 w, 2 flexible, extras

Stan is a social pariah. He is beaten up at the school bus stop, never chosen for any team, and ignored every day at lunch. Then Chloe enrolls at the school. Being called names? No problem. She has flippant retorts and happily collects the offensive epithets in a notebook. Someone in her face? Her dad taught her how to physically twist a bully’s arm. Amid her tough, cool exterior, however, she also has compassion. Stan and Chloe become allies and gradually fall in love, and as is often the case with first loves, they feel as if everything good in their world ...