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Wednesday, October 24, 2018




The Legend of Robin Hood 

Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II), Colorado Springs, CO.

By J.L. Reiman


This classic and family-friendly retelling of The Legend of Robin Hood brings to life another era, but the themes are timeless, and audiences will connect with the drama and humor onstage.

Cast:  17 m, 9 w, 1 flexible, extras


By Tony Howell

Tony Howell has 8 published plays with Eldridge! Check out his other shows here.

The wealthy Grayson clan has gathered for daughter Juliet’s wedding shower. Her brother, Jefferson, has brought along his new girlfriend, but Jefferson’s former girlfriend and Juliet’s former boyfriend both show up as well. Awkward! Things really heat up, however, when older brother, Jesse, falls for his brother’s new girlfriend. When Juliet’s fiancé has his secrets revealed, the wedding falls apart, and tears and accusations ensue… but in the end, the women come to realize that happiness is not that far away. They were simply with the wrong guy.

Cast: 12 m, 13 w, optional extras


By Lindsey Schneider

Headstrong Rosario, leader of a feisty gang of child thieves, has a secret: the young man everyone knows as Rosario is really a teenage girl, climbing the ranks of a clandestine criminal guild. To join the illustrious Council of Convicts, she needs all the help she can get from her friends to steal the Madonna statue off the newest church in the city. But not everyone is thrilled about her risky plan, and Rosario suffers a double betrayal that threatens to destroy her plans and tear the gang apart. Tackling themes of sexism, loyalty, and deceit, Honor Among Thieves is the story of one girl’s dangerous ambition. 

Cast: 8 m, 7 w, 9 flexible and extras