Holiday Celebrations

Tuesday, November 17, 2020



--New Play-- written to be performed online

Elves: Disaster in the Control Room

We are in the control room of Santa’s Elves on Christmas Eve—our view is exactly what Santa sees on his sleigh monitors. Papa Elf is retiring next year after 108 years in charge. Spark is in the lead this year, and if all goes well, he/she will be the next Chief Elf. But a disaster awaits that just might cancel Christmas...


Zoom for the Holidays

Wondering what Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas look like during a pandemic?  Three one-act plays will show you how monsters, turkey and angry elves will ZOOM FOR THE HOLIDAYS!


The Great North Pole Bake-off

It’s the reality show where inhabitants at the North Pole compete to create festive and fun holiday bakes! Hosted by cheery and comedic elves Merry Yuletide and Noel Joyeux, this week’s challenge is cookies inspired by Christmas carols. They will be judged by that merry old soul, Santa Claus, and the chill monarch, the Snow Queen. But grumpy workaholic elf Coal wants everyone to get back to work and not waste time with such trivialities as holiday baking. Will the other inhabitants of the North Pole be able to teach Coal the reason for the season?  


Exposé: Holiday Celebrities Tell All!

Journey through the bizarre, strange, and riotously funny underbelly of the holiday world as the icons we all know and love go on strike in this comedy. See what happens when hunters try to shoot down Rudolph, the Thanksgiving Turkey joins overeaters anonymous, and the Tooth Fairy goes to the dentist. And don't forget the lesser-known holidays like Bad Poetry Day and Stupid Question Day. They need recognition too, and if they don't get it, we may never see another three-day weekend again!

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