Gwen Hansen

Gwen Hansen has a B.S. degree in Professional Writing from The University of Houston. As Artistic Director for The Forum Players, The Woodlands, Texas, she wrote and directed plays specific to that community setting. She was featured in the State Lines section of the "Houston Chronicle" and was the 2010 winner of the Henry Weidemeyer Memoir Award. She is working on what she wants to be when she grows up.

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  Girl Who Fell in Love With a Squirrel

Drama by Gwen Hansen

17 pages

3 - 4 m, 2 w

Braz, a soft gray squirrel, easily captures the heart of Ann, a nurturing teenager who wants only to please. “I love you, Ann,” Braz proclaims, “but I need you to do a few things for me. Do you think you could bring me some nuts—cashews are my fav, Ann.” But he really isn’t appreciative of her best efforts: “Peanuts! I thought I said cashews!” he complains. In this allegory Ann makes Braz very happy, seeing to his every demand, but what is this love-professing squirrel doing for Ann? Ann has to think about this when she sits with a boy named James while an en...