Going Bare

Book By: Mary Jane Taegel
Play #: 8276
Pages: 68 pgs
Cast: 3 m, 2 w

Dr. Jack Ramsay, an obstetrician/gynecologist, is "going bare," that is, going without insurance coverage to avoid paying outrageous malpractice premiums. When he is hit with a frivolous lawsuit to the tune of $4.2 million, Jack and his devoted wife, Barbara, conspire to get a divorce that puts all their assets into her name. "You'll be too poor to sue because I'll have all your money," she chirps. Possibly a destitute doctor will discourage the plaintiff's attorney from pursuing a large settlement. Jack loves the idea and so the divorce plans proceed over the howling protests of their boozy friend and lawyer, Elliot Strauss, just fresh from his own divorce. "Sign over all your assets to your wife? When you don't have to?" Elliot goes for another martini. When Barbara moves out, Jack becomes easy prey for Claire Hoffman, a sexy, neighborhood Realtor who innocently believes the good doctor is fair game. How can this marriage survive a divorce, two foot-shuffling lawyers, outrageous lies and deceptions, and the hot-to-trot pursuit of Jack by another woman? And what about the $4.2 million? "Going Bare" takes a hilarious look at love in the time of liability and lawyers, lust and lies.

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REEDSBURG PLAYERS 4 Performance(s)
REEDSBURG, WI 3/8/2023
SIOUX FALLS, SD 9/14/2018
THEATRE SUBURBIA INC 12 Performance(s)
HOUSTON, TX 9/13/2013
THEATRE GROUP 3 Performance(s)
THEATRE GROUP 3 Performance(s)
HOLLAND, NL 11/16/2009
ROSWELL, NM 2/15/2008
STAGE COACH THEATRE 9 Performance(s)
BOISE, ID 11/23/2007
THEATRE GROUP 2 Performance(s)
ROYAL OAK, MI 6/5/2007
THEATRE GROUP 6 Performance(s)
ROYAL OAK, MI 4/13/2007

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