Geff Moyer

Geff Moyer has written and directed theatre in the Kansas City area for 30 years, but it wasn't until three years ago that he puffed up enough nerve to submit one of his scripts to a publisher. Lo and behold, they took it! Then another publisher took one. Then another publisher. His only regret is that his mother, who always said he should be a writer, did not live long enough to see him published. But his friends tell him she knows. During the day, Geff teaches theatre and creative writing at the Kansas City Academy, a private middle and high school.
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  Showdown at the Hoedown

Comedy by Geff Moyer

36 pages

8 m, 7 w, flexible extras

It's the late 1890s, and the little town of Astaire, Wyoming, ready to enter the new century as the "Paris of the Plains," has just elected the first female sheriff west of the Mississippi! Daisy Dandelion vows to bring about law and order with just a law book and "good ol' female common sense." The mayor, who's always looking at the “big picture," and his town council are holding a hoedown in honor of Daisy, who loves to dance. But this celebration is tap-dancing with trouble! One young woman, in a burst of defiance against husbands ruling the roost, encoura...