Freeview these Farces

Tuesday, January 28, 2020



New Full-Length Play

By Steven Stack

Widely flexible cast of 45. (3 m, 6 w, 36 flexible)

Storytime at the End of the World

Andy would do anything for his sister. Perhaps even end the world. This post-apocalyptic dark comedy of wishes gone wrong takes the audience on a wonderfully bizarre, humorous, frightening, and surprisingly heartfelt journey.  Along the way there are British zombies, a mind-reader, a trickster who only wants a good story, hip vampires, a hero who both slays and saves, and multitudes of other oddities.

But at its heart, the play is about family, friends, and the great lengths we would go to avoid losing the ones we love. It is suitable for audiences of all ages, especially anyone who enjoys laughing out loud one moment, then having their eyes well with tears in the next.


New One-Act Play

Book by: Jon Jory

Music by: Peter Ekstrom

Cast: 1 m, 10 w, 16 flexible, doubling possible, extras

Funny Hamlet

Tallulah, an over-the-top director extraordinaire, is nominated for High School Drama God of the Year. Now her all-girls high school has less than 24 hours to create their version of "Hamlet," a show that will determine if Tallulah wins the coveted title. We meet a wild and crazy cast of techies, actors, and even clowns as the group tries to dazzle the adjudicator. This show is Shakespeare like you’ve never seen it and, in the end … all’s well that ends well!