Flash Back to the '50s with these Shows!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Community Theatre and School Theatre



Just Released!

The Longest Day of April

When Max Holsten sets out for work leaving behind his briefcase and an unfinished breakfast, his quaint 1950s family is besieged by a series of misunderstandings that fester into conspiracy theories and suspicions. Max’s seemingly simple oversight is quickly compounded with a set of uncanny coincidences, leading to the inescapable conclusion that Max is living a double life with a secret family. The play is full of action and misconstrued circumstances that show what can happen when we believe the worst!  The audience will be rolling in laughter until the final gag. 


The Mighty Armadillos

When the wimpy chess club members take on the football in-crowd and the local ruffians, hold on to your hula hoops! In this 1950s malt shop setting, supernerd Julius Caesar Abercrombie, captain of the Mighty Armadillo Chess Club, is accidentally hypnotized, and upon a particular signal, thinks he is the star quarterback of the high school football team. It's a lucky thing, too, because the real quarterback, Bobby Diamond, has promised the local ruffians that he will throw the big game if they will not hurt a young runaway girl. Meanwhile, the president of a very snobby sorority sets up a phony pledge party to embarrass the chess club girls. But the quiet Armadillos show how mighty they are both on and off the playing field. 


A Musical!

Flashback to Murder

It's 1975 - disco and polyester are in. Your audience is attending the 20-year reunion of the Class of 1955. Twenty years has brought about some drastic changes. Will everyone recognize the promiscuous Mitzy as Sister Mary Martha? Or how about that wallflower turned soap opera diva, Veronica West? Reunions are great for reminiscing. It's too bad the evening is dampened by the unsolved murder of the prom queen. Flashback in time to that fateful year and participate in solving the mystery. A sweet, nostalgic blast from the past that's great for all ages, "Flashback to Murder" has a host of lovable characters, great music with a '50s flair, and cameo roles waiting for your audience. 


A Musical!

Musical by Jeffrey Smart and Scott Keys


Hula Hoops & Halos

It's the '50s, so come join the kids as they hang out at the local diner in this heavenly hit of a musical comedy! But for Betsy Harding, it's all work and no play. Since her mom passed away, Betsy has her hands full running the family diner, minding her little sister, competing with her all-star athletic brother, and taking care of her toy-inventing father. She doesn't have time to be "a typical teen." Enter Angela, a tough-talkin' angel-in-training, sent down to earth to earn her halo. But she seems to create more problems than solving them. Between Angela and Johnny, the rebel-without-a-clue, Betsy learns about being true to yourself. This '50s style score includes the divine do-wop number, "Heavens to Betsy"; the drive-in ditty, "Wheels & Reels & a Full Moon"; the hilarious "The Hardings Need a Guardian Angel"; and the daredevilish dance number, "The Hellion Hop." 


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