Ernest Cabrera

Ernest Cabrera has taught English and theater and chaired the Fine Arts Department of Essex High School in Essex Junction, Vermont. He has directed more that fifty plays, musicals and operas for children's theater, high schools, colleges, community and professional theater. His adaptations of Shakespeare, classical and period plays have been used by high school students with great success.
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  Merry Wives of Windsor

Shakespeare by Ernest Cabrera

63 pages

14 m, 4 w, extras

Mistress Page and Mistress Ford are up to paying back the mischievous Falstaff for his duplicity. The Merry Wives of Windsor, one of Shakespeare's most popular plays, features the huge and conceited Sir John Falstaff at his funniest. Because the play is filled with a large variety of character types including two with outrageous accents, students will find this condensed version (which uses the Bard's own words), manageable, enjoyable and rewarding. About 90 minutes.