Dewey W Todd

Dewey W. Todd grew up in south Alabama of a strong Christian heritage. His mother introduced him to the power of drama by encouraging him to play Tom Sawyer in an elementary school play. In the 10th grade his sister helped him land the lead play in the school play which led to other roles in comedy, drama and musicals. Over the years, acting and directing have been part of his life. Writing was also a natural love that his family always encouraged. Creating plays allows him to combine these two loves. Dewey has a Ph.D. in Decision Sciences from Georgia State University and is working on a novel. He is also writing a book on decision making based on the lessons he learned growing up working the family farm with his father. Dewey has been married to Annette for over 28 years and they have a daughter, Haley, and a son, Will.

Picture of Dewey W Todd.