Delanie Kay Tucker

Delanie Kay Tucker originally began life with the determined, if misplaced, goal to grow up to be a horse. As a second option, at the age of five she decided on a life in the theater and has never looked back. She has been involved in most facets of production, from chorus member ("What's my motivation?") to director ("Find your own motivation!") through the spectrum up to and including frenzied techie ("What motivated you to push that button?!"). An instructor for the American Children's Theatre, she also serves as a member on the board of directors. This is her first published play.
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  Opening Night

Farce by Delanie Kay Tucker

76 pages

5 m, 4 w, 5 flexible

Kathy, the stage manager, has the play’s first line: “I hate opening nights!” From that point on we see everything that could go wrong in the course of a performance happen to a group of dedicated high school actors and techies. Mistakes, miscues, dropped lines, forgotten entrances, missing props, and a tricky light board you name it, it happens in this frenetic play. As we watch chaos reign in the tech booth and with the actors backstage, we also see what calamities occur onstage in the “play within the play.” It all makes for non-stop hilarity as the proces...