Countdown to Christmas!

Monday, October 14, 2019


This is the first of three newsletters to get you started.


Countdown to Christmas!  Looking for some holiday cheer this season? Our shows will not disappoint.  This is the first of three newsletters to get you started.  


By Matthew Thompson

Cast: Widely flexible cast

Tiny Tim's Christmas Carol

A father tells his young daughter a story of Ebenezer Scrooge on his terrifying and exhilarating journey to discover the true meaning of Christmas. But we do not realize until the end that the characters in this adaptation are more real than ever before. The covetous old miser who finds his heart turns out to be the little girl’s Great-Uncle Scrooge, and her father is Tiny Tim, an even kinder, more insightful soul as an adult than he was as a child. This unique adaptation, infused with popular Christmas carols, is sure to make your audience feel alive with holiday spirit. Read more.


By Linda Livingston

Very fluid cast. Minimum: 7 m, 5 w.

An O. Henry Holiday -- Gifts of the Season

“The Gift of the Magi” is probably one of the most beloved stories for Christmas. It, along with two other tender stories by O. Henry, “The Last Leaf” and the lesser known “Christmas by Injunction,” are dramatized here, set in the framework of O. Henry’s life which in itself is a story. Read more.


By Val Cheatham

Cast: 9 characters plus carolers and Munchkins

Christmas in Oz

The main characters of Oz are mixed with the mean Miss Gulch, who is about to foreclose on the farm. Knowing they need the help of the Wizard, they make the trip to Oz, only to find a sign - "Closed for Christmas." They decide to have Christmas in Oz and the Wicked Witch reappears. Dorothy gives her her first present ever, magic slippers, and the witch is so overcome with joy that she becomes a better person. When Miss Gulch arrives to foreclose, she is invited to share their Christmas. They all learn that the best way to celebrate Christmas is to share it with others. Eight songs in three acts. About 45 minutes.  Read more.

"This musical is the perfect combination of your favorite Oz characters, a Christmas theme, well written 'old style' songs and a heartfelt message."

-- Nevada High School, Nevada, MO


By Pat Cook

Cast: 4 m, 2 w

Scrooge Has Left the Building

It's Christmas time. An old man sits in his sitting room eating his porridge. Just then Marley bursts in and begins to rattle his chains, scaring the man half to death. You all know the story or do you? "I have come to save you from a horrible fate, Ebenezer Scrooge!" Marley shrieks. "I'm not Scrooge!" the man points out. "He moved!" Sure enough, Marley is at the wrong house. Not only the wrong house but on the wrong night. "This is Christmas eve EVE," the old man tells him. "I'm sorry, I've been dead!" Marley alibis. Then the other three ghosts show up. "Will you hurry, we're starting to pile up out here!" one yells at him. From here on it's every ghost for itself in this not-so-well known tale of what Marley and his spectral friends were doing on the night BEFORE they met Scrooge. The lines fly fast and furious as the Ghosts argue among themselves, Spirits outside the old man's window keep doing Christmas carols and Marley tries to keep everything quiet. "You're going to get another chain for this!" one Ghost threatens him. And then the Missus shows up wielding a rolling pin and scares the scarers! This hysterical farce puts a new spin on the Dickens classic, showing just what can happen when you have too many ghosts and bad timing.  Read more.


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