Christmas Plays

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Christmas shows that are perfect for touring.


Countdown to Christmas!  Looking for some holiday cheer this season? Our shows will not disappoint.  This is the final of three newsletters to get you started.  These shows are adaptable to any theatre or stage facility and they are perfect for touring.


By Pat Cook

Flexible cast of 15 to 50

The Little Town of Christmas

Here's a comedy package of 12 yuletide sketches just perfect to give your audience for an evening's entertainment this Christmas!  By adding other acts such as singers, dancers, etc., you can create more of a variety show, or, if time is a factor, you can pick and choose just the scenes you want. Use a small ensemble cast with doubling or include everybody in small, easily learned roles. Almost all parts can be played by men or women. Minimal scenery makes it ideal for traveling. Read more.


By Joel A. Osborne

Cast: Approx. 15 m, 15 w, much doubling possible

Dickens' A Christmas Carol

Here's a delightful and easy-to-do version of Dickens' Christmas story, faithfully adapted for young people and their families. All the beloved characters and scenes are included: Scrooge and Cratchit in the counting house; the Ghost of Christmas Past; Scrooge’s sweetheart Belle at the Fezziwig ball; the Ghost of Ghost of Christmas Present and the Cratchit home with Tiny Tim; and even the sensitive scenes at the pawn shop and graveyard. Of course, there’s the happy ending when Scrooge, now a changed man, promises the Cratchits a brighter future. The large, flexible cast allows for considerable doubling while the multiple playing areas can be defined by simple props and lighting or optional periaktoi. Fun for all in under an hour!  Read more.


By Lane Riosley

Cast: 2 m, 2 w

A Commedia Christmas Carol

A traveling troupe of commedia del arte players re-create the Victorian world of “A Christmas Carol.”  Just as they would have done in Dickens' own time, the players bring their homemade costumes and props onstage with them. Sometimes frenzied, but always fun, this dynamic adaptation puts a fresh spin on one of our most beloved holiday stories. Read more.


 Flexible cast and performance time

Four To Go For Christmas

Here are four plays tailor-made for traveling with minimal props and scenery.

In "The Christmas Caper" (9 parts), Santa is kidnapped by a little-known fairytale character who just wants to be popular.

In "The Night of the New and Improved Christmas" (9 parts), a Madison Avenue public relations firm wants to update Santa and the whole holiday tradition.

In "Christmas With the Cratchits" (8 parts), Tiny Tim's family is ecstatic when they think they've won the lottery.

In "Million Dollar Christmas" (11 parts), three of the most miserly people ever known must give away a million dollars by midnight on Christmas Eve. Read more.


Don't see the perfect show?  We have many more Christmas plays and musicals.  Be sure to check our websites.