Bullying Play

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


These plays help students open up about tough issues they face everyday.  


The Blind Spot

High school student Luke finds himself overwhelmed by years of not feeling good enough, a feeling that finally reaches a breaking point. The decision Luke makes will have repercussions for everyone around him: his best friend, his teacher, the class bully, and the most popular girl in school. This story, though, isn’t just about Luke. It's about all of them -- all of us -- and the struggles we all carry that no one else can see. It takes a frank look at anxiety, self-harm, divorce, bullying, sexual orientation, depression, and suicide. At its heart, the story is about what it means to be a teenager and the need to connect with one another, to recognize that we are more than just our “damages” and know that we are not alone.   Read more.

In this video, high school students talk about why they choose to preform "The Blind Spot" and what the play meant to them. Great job, Hammond Academy of Science & Technology! (Hammond, IN)


High school student Chloe seems to have everything together.  But under the surface, the pressure is mounting. She doesn’t want to disappoint anybody, but in her effort to please everyone, her world begins spinning out of control. The show has pace and energy, but also powerful moments between actors, and proves to be both poignant and genuinely funny.  Read More.

Important issues like grades, jobs, family commitments, and prejudices are all explored. This drama speaks to its target audience of adolescents and young adults in their own language, with humor, irony, directness, and without posturing or preaching. Read More.