Attention Agatha Christie Fans...

Monday, January 20, 2020


These mysteries are for you!



Adaptation of Agatha Christie’s debut novel

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

With the Great War raging on the Continent, philanthropist Emily Inglethorp helps resettle war refugees in the English countryside. Among them is Hercule Poirot, formerly of the Belgian police and Arthur Hastings, a wounded soldier on leave. When Mrs. Inglethorp is murdered, Poirot must use his “little grey cells” to unravel the motives of the enigmatic husband, the cash-strapped stepson, the poison expert, and the rest of the household, lest his benefactor’s killer escape justice. Poirot and Hastings join forces for their very first case. About 90 minutes.


Just Released!

Passage Into Fear

It is 1917, and three years into the worst war anyone has ever seen.  Kate, a young American woman, is approached by an elderly dowager, Mrs. Lillian Merriweather, as they board a transcontinental train from Venice, Italy to Zurich, Switzerland.  Mrs. Merriweather insists she knows of a sinister plot—with vast international repercussions— involving the other passengers. She tasks Kate with ensuring the authorities receive a secret message if she is unable to deliver it herself. When she promptly disappears, Kate teams up with Ida, a young war orphan. Together they work against time to discover and thwart the plan. Whom can they trust and who is involved? The other passengers include an Austrian doctor hiding an immense secret, a ruthless German countess, a Member of Parliament and his wife, and Spanish gypsies. The solution to Miss Merriweather's disappearance ultimately has its roots in understanding the very causes and history of the war itself.


Agatha Christie-like whodunit

Nice Little Island: A Thriller

Miles off Northern California's rugged Mendocino seacoast, St. John's School for Girls is located on a small island: it is an exclusive private academy which caters to troubled rich girls. However, it seems that a series of grisly murders occurring on the mainland are now taking place on this nearly deserted campus during Spring break. With the "storm of the century" quickly approaching, the eight girls who remained, as well as three faculty members, find themselves cut off from communicating with the outside world, and only have hours to find the killer before they become victims. Soon, a terrifying question is raised: What if the slasher is one of them? An exciting, stylish and modern Agatha Christie-like whodunit in two acts offering mature and sophisticated roles for young performers, as well as adults. This is a true suspense play. No "slash and gash" or "blood and guts" effects here. 


A fun parody of one of Agatha Christie’s most popular mystery novels

Murder by Ten

Ten dim-witted people have been invited to an old house on Dunce Island with the ultimate purpose, unbeknownst to them, to be murdered. Apparently, because of his or her dumbness, each was responsible for the earlier death of someone else. Now, one by one, they themselves are done in according to a silly nursery rhyme hanging over the fireplace. Because they’re not the brightest bulbs in the box, the poor victims are murdered rather easily by such things as vacuum cleaner hoses and live alligators. After several murders take place, they become suspicious of each other. But when the last person bites the dust and there’s no one else on the island, the question remains: Who the heck did all the murdering?  About 70 minutes.