All Female Plays

Wednesday, December 5, 2018



By Nelly E. Cuellar-Garcia

Cast: 9 w and large ensemble


Set in the Sierra Madre Mountains, this historic drama follows the lives of an intrepid band of female guerilla fighters who choose to pick up rifles to defend the poor and disenfranchised from the clutches of the corrupt Mexican government and their soldiers. The play explores what it means to be a woman, known as a “soldadera” (female soldier), in the face of great adversity, for they battle not only the enemy but also their own memories of loss, love, family, and betrayal. Each character allows a different facet of womanhood to shine -- innocence, first love, motherhood, independence, commitment, and loss.

(Texas customers: This show is APPROVED UIL OAP short list of permissible productions for the one-act play contest.) 

By Nelly E. Cuellar-Garcia

Cast:  6 w and large ensemble

Set in the realm of Purgatory, the all-female cast of Desdemona, Emilia, Juliet, Lady Macbeth, and Ophelia explore the roles women choose in their pursuit of love and self-identity. Taking its inspiration from Dante’s Inferno, this visceral play allows powerful actors to reach heightened levels of awareness as they grapple with the ideas of an individual’s purpose in their mortal life and the ramifications it carries over into the immortal world. About 40-50 minutes.


By Tim Mogford - Cast: 4 w

"We found that this show was able to spark discussion and begin a dialogue on how and what bullying is."    --J.C., Allendale Columbia School, Rochester, NY

A one-act play about cyber-bullying. For two weeks Amy’s life has been unbearable. An intimate conversation she had online with a boy she likes has been cut and pasted so many times that she is now the laughingstock of the school. To make matters worse, she has been receiving threatening text messages, and her family has been plagued by a series of anonymous phone calls which have been intimidating and offensive. The play opens as Amy sits alone in a classroom. She is soon joined unexpectedly by Kara, who is apparently looking for a prom committee meeting. However, when Amy leaves, it becomes increasingly clear that Kara, and her friends Jordan and Jess, have not come here to discuss the prom. In fact, even they are not aware of all the reasons for their being here. As the play turns from one half-truth to the next, the girls find themselves forced to confront not only their role in what has happened, but what their actions betray about themselves. 

By Tim Mogford - Cast: 4 w

This play examines, in a gripping and highly realistic way, the issues of responsibility and relationships, as seen through the prism of a teenage alcohol prank gone awry.

By Tim Mogford - Cast: 4 w

"All of us really do come to moments in our lives when one decision or reaction can make the difference between one future and another."  -- The Playwright


By Claudia Haas

Cast: 3 to 5 w

Things are seldom what they seem in the world of theatre. That is never truer than in "The Audition" (3 w). On the morning of a (maybe) life-altering audition, three (maybe) actresses come early to scope out the theatre and immerse themselves into the needs of the (maybe) director. As Phoebe, Celia and Rosalind vie for the chance of lifetime, secrets are revealed and plans unravel in this one-act that is never exactly as you think it to be. The play gives three actresses their own shining moments in the spotlight. Running time is about 20 minutes.

In the second play, "The Callback" (2 w), two high school friends who have gotten a callback feel the other should get the coveted part of their minds, that is. They argue their points to their teacher, but in their hearts, each actress is a little more desperate than she first appears! Running time about 10 minutes. Three actresses can perform both plays, if desired.


By Claudia Haas

Cast: 14 w

Is it possible to perform a Shakespeare scenefest without male actors, costumes, or scenery?

A blizzard has stranded the guys who went to pick up everything for the evening's performance. So now the gals are faced with performing alone on a bare stage. At first nobody thinks they can do it. With such different personalities, from the practical director to the spoiled daddy's girl, to the airhead and valley girl, it seems like too many egos clash. But even so, the drama students pull together to prove that the show must go on! A delightful play with such evenly distributed parts that every actress gets a chance to shine.  


By Carol M. Woods

Cast: 6 w

Senior Comedy

Six alert and active senior ladies go on vacation and rent a condo with only one bathroom. From trying to get all of their luggage into one minivan, deciding who sleeps where and what to eat, to finally selecting the activities, life gets wild and silly, all intensified by lack of sleep. About 20-25 minutes.