You Must Meet My Wife

Play #: 8576
Pages: 63 pgs
Cast: 3 m, 4 w

In 1949, mystery writer Cornelia Sherwood’s book, Act of Murder, is adapted to the stage by the Bakersfield Playhouse in California, Cornelia plans a visit, taking her faithful secretary, Eunice Sparks, along. Eunice’s cousin, newlywed Rick Winslow, also resides in Bakersfield, so the ladies stop by to meet Rick’s new bride, the very beautiful and wealthy Tracy Bennett Winslow. They soon discover that Tracy is missing. But when she returns, safe, sound, and in the company of the amiable Father Hennessy, Rick insists Tracy is not really his wife. Cornelia and Eunice then become involved in a complicated game of deception and delusion. Is Rick losing his mind or is someone trying very hard to make him believe that he is?

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CLEAR LAKE, WI 11/10/2023
PCHS DRAMA CLASS 1 Performance(s)
LOVELOCK, NV 5/20/2021
PLAINS HIGH SCHOOL 3 Performance(s)
PLAINS, MT 4/15/2021

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