Picasso Pickup Scenes for Teen Actors

Book By: Daniel S Kehde
Play #: 2328
Pages: 76 pgs
Cast: Resource Book

These 22 dialogues present unique acting challenges that will stretch your teen thespians. The anthology is divided into two sections. "Then" features historical pieces such as Mary Surratt shortly before her execution for her involvement in the assassination of President Lincoln, and Marie Antoinette's maids on the eve of the French Revolution. "Now" offers contemporary situations such as the excitement and anxiety of a first date, how to deal with one's reputation, and difficulties with parents. Each scene requires investigating the characters' specific time, place, needs and desires. And while they are designed as exercises, they also work as little mini-plays: funny, poignant, and full of twists and dramatic ironies.

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WILMINGTON, NC 5/15/2017

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