One Doggone Wish

Book By: Tim Kelly
Play #: 1985
Pages: 64 pgs
Cast: 7 m, 15 w, optional extras

Coco is a lovable French poodle who dies of a broken heart after being DOGNAPPED! Every pooch in doggie heaven gets one wish, and Coco’s wish is to return to school on the day of the mid-term dance. Her former owner, a teacher named Steve Ritter, taught Coco to “sing” and he planned to have her entertain. Coco was anxious to make him proud. Keeper, the basset hound in charge of such things, grants the wish but sends two other dogs to keep an eye on Coco as French poodles are inclined to be somewhat frivolous. The two other dogs are Alice, a blood-hound, and Rhoda, a Rhodesian ridgeback, both in human form, of course. Coco finds Steve in serious trouble. Someone is plotting to destroy his chances for advancement and the dognappers are using the school as a base of operation! How Coco traps the crooks, saves Steve’s job and gets to sing at the dance makes this show riotously entertaining. There’s plenty of action and great characters including a cook who never serves anything but “Mystery Meat,” a talent scout looking for a new teenage sensation and thinks Coco might be it, and a lip-syncing campus beauty who considers Coco a rival and plans to do something nasty about it. A wild collection of students, teachers and lovable human mutts are around, too. Charming, funny, laugh-a-second. Easy to stage. This is one howler of a show that earns a dog biscuit!

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KEIGWIN SCHOOL 2 Performance(s)
MIDDLETOWN, CT 4/24/2014
KEIGWIN SCHOOL 2 Performance(s)
MIDDLETOWN, CT 4/30/2009

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