Glitz Family Robinson

Book By: Eddie McPherson
Play #: 2510
Pages: 43 pgs
Cast: 3 m, 6 w, 4 flexible, plus extras

The posh and well-to-do Robinson family is on a ship excursion (without their nanny) when they shipwreck on a deserted island. The mother is at her wit’s end about having to do actual parenting (without their nanny) and feels sorry for herself when she realizes her acting career might take a nosedive in her absence. The father of the clan is also at a loss (without their nanny) and spends all his time speaking with a British accent and playing golf down on the beach. So, the kids find themselves on their own (without their nanny) and begin to devise a survival plan. A band of not-so-bright pirates (also without a nanny) land on the island, searching for a treasure chest they buried there months earlier. Desperate to regain their lost booty, they even kidnap one of the Robinson kiddos and hold her for ransom. Mother and Father, however, refuse to rise before 9 AM to deliver any money. (That would be a nanny’s job.) Then, another castaway shows up (also without a nanny) who has been living on the other side of the island and might know the whereabouts of the treasure chest, but might not be willing to help. Then the nanny (ta da!) shows up after searching for her long-lost family for months. But because the family changes due to their experiences on the island (without their nanny) they realize they don’t need help after all and leave her there, taking her boat and sailing back home. But Nanny has a little surprise of her own. Oh, and there are monkeys, but whose side are they on?  Funny one-liners and silly sight gags make this show a laugh riot, as the most well-to-do family on all the seven seas tries to survive their plight (without their nanny). 

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LAKE DALLAS, TX 1/29/2020
BLUE SPRINGS, MO 11/15/2019
ST CLOUD, MN 5/15/2019

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