Book By: Craig Sodaro
Play #: 8570
Pages: 60 pgs
Cast: 5 m, 9 w, extras

Victor Goole is the new kid in school, but he’s already managed to rub his new classmates the wrong way. Jack and his friends are furious that Victor has unseated Jack by winning the Mathelon. Hoping to humiliate and intimidate Victor, they dub him “Frankenteen”—half human and half mad scientist. (It doesn’t help that Victor’s new house has been vacant for 15 years and is widely believed to be haunted.) To make matters worse, Victor is forced to work with Jack on an important science contest. Of course, Victor’s mom Zinnia is thrilled. She is a scientist who studies insects and reptiles, with an entire menagerie of creepy, crawly specimens in her basement laboratory. Meanwhile, Zoe, Victor’s younger sister, delights in Victor’s predicament and new nickname. With her sarcastic sense of humor and love of tormenting Victor, she is hoping the name “Frankenteen” sticks!


The kids from school and the adults in town are about to find out even more about “Frankenteen” as Pru and Twink, two civic-minded ladies, show up asking if they can include the Goole house on the upcoming home tour.


Meanwhile, two cat burglars, Roxanne and Monique, meet up with their “boss” Claude and hatch a plan to steal valuables during the home tour. When Jack’s rare and valuable baseball card disappears, Victor is immediately named as a suspect, but soon his intelligence and creativity play a role in exposing the real culprits.  Not all is what it seems where “Frankenteen” is concerned!

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Behind The Scenes

with Craig Sodaro


What inspired you to write this play?

Each year during Halloween season I like to watch some favorite old monster movies.  While watching “Frankenstein” this year, the title “Frankenteen” popped into my head and almost as quickly Victor’s character came to life.


What’s your favorite line or part in the play?

One of my favorite moments comes when Zinnia is taking the family photo for the Halloween card.  I anticipate a lot of great reactions from young actors and a lot of laughs from the audience.


Where did the characters come from?  Are they based on people you know?

There are bits and pieces of people I know in almost all the characters, although that’s a stretch with the loony thieves. Certainly I’ve known kids like Victor and Zoe. Pru and Twink are ladies I’ve worked with in various organizations, and I hope everybody knows a Zinnia, who’s ever-cheerful and positive.


What did you try to achieve with this play?

As always, I first try to achieve a fun evening’s entertainment. I hope it makes people laugh and enjoy themselves.  I also try to create characters that young actors can get into and have fun with.  Finally, the theme of working together and appreciating our different strength drove the plot. 


Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Just have fun and enjoy!