Don't Unlock the Door

Book By: Craig Sodaro
Play #: 8034
Pages: 65 pgs
Cast: 2 m, 2 w

State Senator Tyson Avery, candidate for governor, has received numerous death threats, presumably related to his years as district attorney. As the pursuer draws closer, Avery and his wife, Charlotte, escape to a mountain cabin owned by the family of the Senator's top aide, Clayton Carlson. Once at the cabin, Avery learns Charlotte intends to divorce him after 15 less-than-blissful years of marriage. Such news this close to the election could ruin the his chances of winning. Tension builds when a dead rat with a note attached shows that the stalker clearly knows where the Senator is hiding. The Senator's over-zealous secretary shows up with disturbing news, Carlson is found shot, and then an intruder breaks in and the terror really begins.

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MUNCIE, IN 3/20/2024
KEWANEE HIGH SCHOOL 2 Performance(s)
KEWANEE, IL 3/12/2024
COLORADO ACADEMY 2 Performance(s)
DENVER, CO 2/9/2024
THEATRE GROUP 3 Performance(s)
UNION CITY, MI 2/24/2017
YOUNG PUBLIC SCHOOL 2 Performance(s)
YOUNG, AZ 5/12/2006
GASLIGHT THEATER 13 Performance(s)
LOCKHART, TX 9/23/2004

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