Time to Shine - Winning Scenes for Classroom and Competition

Book By: Craig Sodaro
Play #: 2166
Pages: 76 pgs
Cast: Resource Book

Every one of the 20 scenes in this collection was chosen to give middle and high school actors a time to shine, whether it’s in the classroom, at competition, or onstage. Some of the scenes are comic and fun, while others serious or even tragic. The actors will find an additional challenge creating characters from different time periods in which these scenes take place: from early Roman to medieval days, from the Civil War to World War II, and from the ‘60s to current day. The scenes strike just the right balance between male and female roles, and between duets and ensembles of three to four actors. Many pieces meet time and subject matter requirements for competitions. 

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Behind The Scenes

All of the scenes are from plays written by Craig Sodaro, one of today’s most talented and prolific playwrights who has provided us with some of the finest plays we publish. He also writes under the pseudonym of Sam Craig.