Tales From the Enchanted City

Book By: L. Don Swartz
Play #: 1883
Pages: 48 pgs
Cast: with doubling 4 m, 4 w

A humorous urban romp through familiar tales by the Brothers Grimm. Everybody is having a bad day in the Enchanted City. Little Theodore Hood's grandmother is gravely ill and he must get a powerful medicine to her as soon as possible. But Theodore's grandmother lives on the other side of the Enchanted City and the sinister Stranger will stop at nothing to get his hands on the medicine. Meanwhile a young lady names Summer Greene has recently inherited a large fortune, making her the wealthiest person in the Enchanted City. Summer's wicked stepmother, Bertha, who used to be the wealthiest, is now number 2. With a clever disguise and a poisoned Clunky Bar, Bertha sets out to reclaim her title as Richest in the Land! Summer runs away and takes refuge with a group of hobos. Will the happy throng of train-travelers be able to save her? On the other side of the tracks, Henry and Gretchen, abandoned by their stepmother in a dark part of the Enchanted City, become hopelessly lost, despite leaving a colorful candy trail. Lured into a small store by the smell of fresh baked goods, the brother and sister become prisoners in a crazy man's bagel shop! Will Gretchen's escape plan work, or will the sad siblings become the bagel topping of the month? Half the fun for any audience is recognizing the various fairy tale characters and familiar situations in their contemporary guise.

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HIGHLAND, UT 2/9/2012

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