Sweet Redemption Music Company

Play #: 7325
Pages: 63 pgs
Cast: 4 m, 3 w, 1 flexible, and chorus from 5 to 20 young people

In this allegorical fantasy an Agent keeps people under control by making them afraid to touch each other. A young woman escapes, however, and begins tending a garden overseen by Mossrag, a wise outsider. The Agent sends a young man to get her back, but instead the couple learn of the sweetness and sorrows of becoming involved in each other’s life. When they try to share these feelings with others, they put the gentle Mossrag in mortal danger. An uplifting show with a fun, contemporary mellow-rock score with such songs as “Love Hurts,” “Superficiality Sells,” "I Don't Sing Very Well," and “The Morning Inside of Us.” (Music sample at right is "I Am Touch" and "I Can Believe.")

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WINSLOW HIGH SCHOOL 3 Performance(s)
WINSLOW, AZ 9/15/2010

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