Silent War

Book By: Clete Melick
Play #: 1877
Pages: 20 pgs
Cast: 4 m, 2 w

Here is a perfect play to introduce children to the Underground Railroad. Designed as a Reader’s Theatre, "The Silent War" is a story of three slaves – and eight little mice – who escape to freedom along the Underground Railroad. Uncle Amos, Belle, and Buck Henry, all slaves on a Kentucky plantation, didn’t plan to escape until they met Zakary, a Bible salesman and abolitionist. He shows them the way to cross the river into Ohio and from there travel north to other stations. Along the way, the three slaves are helped by other dedicated abolitionists including a minister who runs an orphanage, a brave farm lady, and a clever mortician, all of whom are willing to fight the Silent War at great risk to their own lives. Traveling with the slaves are a few mice, whose own stories are told by the quirky, lovable mouse, Zillion. This play illustrates how the Silent War helped thousands of former slaves become free men and women in the years before the Civil War began. Ideal for Black History month observances.

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CLEMMONS, NC 10/20/2016

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