Remember When...?

Play #: 1864
Pages: 40 pgs
Cast: Monologue Collection

Monologues From the Middle School & High School Experience


The fun and sometimes painful process of growing up is examined with wit and pathos in this collection of 52 monologues. Most are short and easy to perform, designed with the young actor in mind. A wide variety of topics are covered including fitting in, the child inside, friendship, being scared, dreaming, the opposite sex, and how people change. Some monologues naturally group together and can be performed collectively for an ensemble feel such as being in a family, and firsts and lasts. These monologues are designed to be used for in-class assignments, auditions, or performed together as an evening of entertainment. In the latter case, the names assigned to personalize the monologues may be redistributed to best suit casting needs. (If used as a full production, a nominal royalty fee is due.)

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