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This Classic story is relevant even to contemporary consumers
Icarus is our school's theatre production for our regional, state, and national festival circuits. It offers a broad ranges of dynamic roles for a large ensemble of performers, and we found many opportunities for creative design work that allow us to tell the complex-but-linear story in a visually breathtaking way.

The involved students found the themes from this Classic Greek myth to be relevant to their contemporary experiences. The relationships and power dynamics are well-crafted and honest, and - though many already know how the story is going to end - the foreshadowing is present and not so overt as to tip the hand of the storytellers.

This is an excellent choice for a production team who's excited to sink their teeth into a variety of complex design tasks and an ensemble who is excited to share the load of honest, genuine storytelling.
Northwest Rankin High School - Madison, MS | 1/28/2022 6:57 PM
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