Radio Suspense Plays

Book By: Alice Duckworth
Play #: 1144
Pages: 17 pgs
Cast: Resource Book

Three radio skits ideal for beginning drama students. Voices must convey all action, emotion, and mounting suspense. Skits include "The Witness" (8 parts), "The Mound" (4 parts) and "The Bonfire" (6 parts).

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Behind The Scenes

The three plays in this book are in radio format thus scenery and costuming are not necessary. Students selected should, on first reading, discuss the play’s mood, attitudes, and values of the characters, and final outcome. If presentation is in a classroom, other class members should be encouraged to participate in the discussion. Clear enunciation, voice projection, character development, and building of suspense should be stressed. Each participant should be allowed to develop his character freely, to provide individual expression.