Out of the Woods

Book By: Stephen Murray
Play #: 5201
Pages: 43 pgs
Cast: 7 w, 7 flexible, ensemble of 8 or more

A group of students enrolled in a technology-free wilderness camp find themselves lost in the middle of the woods. As darkness falls, a mysterious counselor that wasn’t introduced at orientation finds the students and sets up camp with them (“Backwoods Ranger”). Around the campfire, the students and counselor share ghost stories and tales of the mysterious creatures of the forest (“Sasquatch’s Lament” and “Chupacabra”). But not all creatures are big and scary. Gnomes also appear and sing that they are guardians of the woods. Will they ever get out of the woods? (“I Miss My Home”). When the real counselors finally locate the kids and everyone leaves, the creatures can celebrate (“Party in the Forest”).

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