My Phony Valentine

Book By: Brian Sylvia
Play #: 8590
Pages: 38 pgs
Cast: 4 or 5 m, 4 w

Psychologist Dr. Henry Valentine is unexplainably late for an open house demonstration of his innovative group therapy ideas. Anna-Lee Silverstein, a temp stepping in due to Dr. Valentine’s secretary’s maternity leave, has never met the doctor. Learning this, a would-be patient, Elliot Noodleman, decides to impersonate the psychologist. As other potential patients arrive, Elliot creates his own “innovative” ideas for emotional therapy. Add in Lydia Bedford, a woman suffering from sinistrophobia (the fear of objects to her left); a community theatre director, Armand Charbonneau, who fears mimes (and feels compelled to constantly “direct” the sessions); Becky Webster, a mild-mannered librarian who has a mysterious disorder (where she can only communicate through puns when nervous); and Mona McVee, who suffers from xanthophobia (a fear of all things yellow), and you’ve got the makings for a hilarious therapy session. When a masked intruder invades looking to repair his relationship, the antics move to another level! Not until the real Dr. Valentine arrives do we realize that maybe the phony Valentine knew more than anticipated. 

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