Midsummer Night's Dream - Musical (Brown)

Book By: Marilyn Brown
Play #: 7174
Pages: 60 pgs
Cast: 6 m, 5 w, 11 flexible, 1 child, extras

Humorous and poignant lyrics, accompanied by charming, romantic melodies, enhance Shakespeare's most popular play of two girls and two boys who find themselves, by accident and the mischief of the Faeries, very mixed up in love. First both boys love one girl, then both girls love one boy. A situational comedy of the funniest kind, the drama is intensified by a group of bumbling rogues who perform a farcical entertainment for the King's wedding. The group's most famous member is Bottom, who, in another part of the play, becomes an attractive donkey-suitor to the confused Fairy Queen. Some of the many songs include "I Will Die" for Hermia, "Lulla Lulla" for the Faeries to sing to Titania, and "Love Is Often Strange" for Puck. "The Woosel Cock Sing-Along" allows for audience participation. (Music sample at right is "Entr'acte-Love Is Often Strange.")

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DURHAM, NC 2/10/2017

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